Music licensing makes up the core of our business here at Secret Road. Our goal is to work collaboratively with music supervisors in every media field to match the perfect piece of music to their clients' creative vision. Our catalog of songs allows us to fulfill music needs in any genre -- from the perfect quirky female vocal to anthemic indie rock to some of the best World & Latin flavors around. Plus, at a moment's notice, our roster of artist/songwriters is available to create custom pieces for any project or campaign. Because it is rare to find such high quality music that is one-stop shop, we always strive to cultivate that within our roster. At the end of the day, we want to deliver the best possible music that comes with the greatest customer service. We're lucky enough to work with some of the most talented and creative artists around and we don't take that job lightly.


The Secret Road management team is helping redefine what it means to be an artist partner in the new music business. A pioneer of the DIY-business model, Secret Road has always been inspired to travel the road less taken. In conjunction with Ingrid Michaelson, we have released her recordings via her own Cabin 24 Records, allowing her creative independence while continuously growing her worldwide fanbase. Whether collaborating with new tech companies, implementing engaging new social media campaigns or finding new opportunities to bring Ingrid's dynamic live show to hundreds of thousands of fans, the team is constantly broadening Ingrid's reach. Through her non-traditional approach for marketing and distribution Ingrid has become one of the most successful independent artists in the world. We're walking the walk when it comes to creating "major label" success without the major label strings.


Secret Road Music Publishing has allowed our company to take our foundations in music licensing to help further shape careers. Broadening our team of well-respected industry creatives has given us great confidence in our ability to offer the same level of handheld attention to our artists in the publishing realm that we provide in licensing and management. We take the momentum that can come with a traditional placement and maximize the opportunity using our network of contacts and new media expertise. With leading song plugging services we also tap into and exploit the songwriting capabilities of our writers by connecting them with rising stars and well-established label talent, all so that their songs can become the next big hits. We're outside-of-the-box thinkers in everything that we do, and our publishing services are no different.